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Resolved Question:

Expert: Robert replied 1 year ago.


Hopefully i can help..

On the clio2 the fuse panel you need to check will be on the passenger end of the dash board behind a removable panel you'll need to have the passenger door fully open to see it..there is a chance this may just be fuse that blown due to the increased effort on the motor to shift the volume of snow of the windscreen .not really uncommon for this to happen - if it then it will be case of replacing the faulty fuse and then check all settings still work..if you still hear the motor running but no movement form the wipers arms then it likely the motor shaft nut has come loose or linkage for damage or bent rods to check that you would need the removal of the wiper arms and the scuttle panel grille trim under the windscreen to check this aswell as for any faults with the linkage assembly- or the both arms the fixing nut to the linkage are loose more or less unlikely as you would assume one of the arms would move anyway but worth checking. i do hope this helps.