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Renault Scenic Consumer Car Reviews

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Susan de Goede, South Africa

Renault Scenic 2007

I will never in my life buy a Renault again, the salesmen are liars, who never get back to me after I caught them lying to me. I spent now over R40000 on repairs after Renault Centurion sold the car to me and now I need to pay more as the car is running all over the road. I would be pleased if anyone from Renault has the decency to reply to me urgently. Thank you.

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Lance Forrest, England

Mark Carter, Wales

Keith Reay, Cumberland

Lee Inskip, England

Derek Montgomery, Stirlingshire

After having our car for just under 4 years and with only 20,000 miles on the clock it has failed its MoT. To our shock we have been quoted £1000 to fix somthing to do with a computer that operates the handbrake. The thing that really confuses us is the handbrake works perfectly well and has never given us any problem. Our local MoT station, which has a great reputation, says if the light on the dash stays on for so much as one second it’s a fail. As usual the local Renault dealer does not want to know - A shocked and very angry Renault Grand Scenic driver.

Renault Scenic 1.9 2003 Road Test Drive - The UK Car Reviews.


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Renault Scenic 1.9 2003 road tested by Miles Weston for acceleration, braking, build quality and for its general driving ability.

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