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Renault Sandero Pick-Up Coming In 2012?

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Renault's Dacia has grown a lot in the last few years and that only means it could grow more in the near future. At least, this is what the French parent manufacturer believes so, in order to support this goal, it has prepared some new projects for some emerging markets.

The Romanian budget brand sold pretty well in countries such as Brazil so, according to a report by car.blog.br, the local product lineup is likely to be expanded in the near future. It's well known the fact that Brazilians have a special affinity for pick-ups, so how else could Renault boost sales in the country if not by offering a new pick-up?

The problem was that Renault and Dacia have already launched a Logan pick-up so the two companies turned their eyes to the low-budget hatchback Sandero. The aforementioned source writes that the Sandero is one of the models that could get a pick-up variant in the next few years, but only a few details are actually known about it.

However, rumors are pointing to some new technical specs for the Sandero range. Although it could be based on the Sandero Stepway model, the upcoming pickup has chances to be equipped with a more powerful engine, namely a 2.0-liter 16V unit developing around 140 horsepower. Furthermore, it appears that an automatic transmission is also on the table for the pick-up range, as well as some exterior styling enhancements to make the model a bit more aggressive.


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