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2013 Renault Fluence Facelift Launching In End-September

2013 Renault Fluence facelift – FrontView

After the recent success of the Renault Duster, Renault is all-set to launch the facelifted Fluence in the last week of September in India. The facelifted Fluence was spotted outside Renault’s manufacturing facility at Chennai, whose details and pics has already been viewed by our dear readers in our previous posts couple of months ago at BharathAutos.


11 July 2013

Renault’s comparison of the carbon footprint of EV and ICE vehicles over production, operation and end of life. The EV footprint (Fluence Z.E.) is shown with both UK and French grid mixes. Click to enlarge.

Renault recently made public the findings of an internal study, published first in October 2011, detailing and comparing the lifecycle assessments (LCAs) of the battery-electric and two internal combustion engined versions (gasoline and diesel) of the Renault Fluence. The study used the series production versions launched in 2011, with the assumption of operation for 150,000 km (93,205 miles). (Since the BEV version has a shorter range, Renault noted, the way in which the miles are accumulated could differ from that of the ICE vehicles.)



Renault Fluence – что нового?

Компания Renault Samsung Motors представила обновленную версию седана SM3 – южнокорейского аналога модели Renault Fluence.


Фото: Autocentre

Внешний вид автомобиля изменили новый дизайн переднего бампера, решетки радиатора, фар головного света и колесных дисков. Интерьер предполагает замену материалов отделки на более качественные, будет заменена и приборная панель машины, которая получит современный цифровой спидометр.